Sorcerer's Serenity Hair Stick

20.00 EUR

Embrace the forces of the unseen as you weave this spellbinding hair stick through your locks! This one-of-a-kind accessory doubles as a captivating scarf pin, allowing you to adorn your hair with an air of magic and folklore. Featuring intricate natural details and fire-adorned with ancient symbols that evoke the lush new beginnings of spring time in Finland.

Crafted from naturally curved maple wood and measuring approximately 20 cm long, this unique hair accessory is further enhanced by its coating of Finnish Terva, adding an extraordinary scent to its enchanting allure.

Terva, traditionally derived from hollowed-out pine trees by a process of dry distillation, is a traditional product from Finland. Not only does this coating protect the wood, but it also imparts a deep, lustrous sheen, enhancing the natural beauty of the maple wood. With its unique and smoky aroma, Terva adds a distinctive touch that connects us to the rich history and traditions of the Nordic crafts.